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  • SWS part III is underway! Come see us embark on the next chapter of this epic adventure.
  • As we wind down to the end of summer, the staff gears up for the Gillian Games. What surprises are in store for us here?
  • The Empowered Humans are inches away from getting pulled...leaving us with only the Quincies left to hit their 675 MP milestone!

Bleach Fest RPGEdit


What is Bleach Fest...?

What if one day you woke up and everything was how it was a year ago?
Your great plans
Your grand ambitions
Forgotten on the night wind...
For the residents of Seireitei, waking up to find three of their Captains, gone without a trace. For the lost souls in Hueco Mundo, following a leader they don’t remember coming to power. For those with a pulse under the blue sky of the living world, just another day of school work and monotony.
Neither the spiritually inclined or the inept are able to recall the events of the world, a year gone by without a trace. Except for one man who whispers the secrets through a paper fan... if you can find his shop tucked away in the back alleys of Karakura.

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